Asset Consulting

Superannuation funds (corporate and industry), family offices, non-for-profit organisations and financial advisory firms require a range of service offerings that enable them to make informed decisions on behalf of their constituents. At Atchison Consultants we have the right combination of people and industry experience to ensure this occurs. Our comprehensive and structured approach to constructing, implementing and on-going monitoring of an investment portfolio enables our clients to efficiently reach their performance targets and minimise their costs.

Investment Objectives

The key to a well performing investment portfolio is having clear, concise and realistic investment objectives that have been aligned to the requirements of stakeholders.
At Atchison Consultants we assess the variables involved and incorporate them into a structured portfolio framework that covers the following:

  • Performance objective
  • Risk assessment
  • Return target
  • Time horizon
  • Taxation status
  • Performance hurdles

Strategic Asset Allocation

The selection of asset classes must be suited to realising the overall objectives of the portfolio. Our team has developed proprietary models for asset allocation and optimisation to assist in constructing efficient diverse investment portfolios across asset classes incorporating both historical and forecast data. The following key points outline the allocation process:

  • Research the most appropriate asset classes in which to invest
  • Model and stress test asset classes in combination
  • Assess asset allocations in the context of meeting investment objectives
  • Evaluate  risk budget

Investment Manager Configuration

The selected configuration of investment managers is critical in the strategy of an investment portfolio. At Atchison Consultants we advise on all aspects of investment management configuration including the following:

  • Active or passive management
  • Specialist portfolios
  • Balanced portfolios
  • Individual mandates
  • Pooled vehicles

Asset Allocation Management

Determining the optimum allocation across assets is an essential element and contributor to the performance of any portfolio. It is known that a large proportion of a portfolio’s or fund’s variability in returns is influenced by the asset allocation within the fund, its individual (and in combination) investment portfolios and asset classes. Our analysis goes down to the individual securities of portfolios to ascertain the expected movement in returns and contribution to risk to assist in determining effective investment mix and allocation. We also provide comprehensive analysis of investment managers to establish sources of value add and whether it is deemed sustainable. Analysis incorporates:

  • Portfolio management team appraisal
  • Portfolio attribution analysis
  • Stock and trade analysis
  • Middle and back office review
  • Fee analysis and negotiation

Asset Class Management

At the tactical level Atchison Consultants provide asset and sub-asset class analysis that delves into specific segments of Australian Equities, Overseas Equities, Property, Fixed Interest Securities, Private Equity and Alternatives classes. We model and define optimal investment manager configurations and set (and structure) appropriate benchmarks to monitor performance and risk.
Advice includes:

  • Optimal combination of investment managers
  • Investable sub asset classes
  • Currency management
  • Benchmark design

Investment Manager Selection

The process for selecting and appointing the appropriate investment managers is thorough and comprehensive in nature. Atchison Consultants provides an independent global investment manager research, selection, recommendation and appointment program that is reliant upon our unbiased research conducted by our own research analysts and consultants. We have access to fund managers from around the globe and each one is screened and evaluated by our own team of analyst’s. We do not rely upon third party solutions but instead model, analyse, evaluate, rate and construct portfolios based on our own quantitative and qualitative control standards. Summary of services includes:

  • Selection of investment managers to meet the set criteria
  • Compatibility between investment managers
  • Benchmarks and objectives
  • Investment manager fees negotiation
  • Analysis of derivatives
  • Investment manager mandates design
  • Analysis of custodial service

Ongoing Maintenance

The ongoing review of any investment portfolio is critical. Atchison Consultants provide a number of reporting services to clients that meet both investment monitoring and compliance requirements. These include,

  • Assessment of  the extent to which the investment objectives are being achieved
  • Comparing  performance of investments against benchmarks and objectives
  • Identifying the existence of any particular weakness in the investment managers
  • Continued assessment  of the investment manager to successfully meet the objectives
  • Mandate compliance