Research and Advice

Atchison Consultants prides itself on the ability to source and maintain current in depth investment research and data to efficiently deliver to our clients informed tailored solutions.

Our comprehensive suite of advisory services are designed to ensure that our clients receive all the required supporting information to assist in making quality decisions.

We have the aptitude to sort through vast amounts of data, convert it into concise relevant information and reports for our clients. We present comprehensive reports and solutions that identify and consider the real issues affecting your decisions on everything from strategy through to operations.

Research is conducted across all asset classes including; direct property, infrastructure and private equity in addition to equities, listed property bonds, credit and alternatives.

Atchison Consultants provides an independent global investment manager research, selection, recommendation and appointment program that is reliant upon our unbiased research conducted by our own research analysts and consultants. We have access to fund managers from around the globe and each one is screened and evaluated by our own team of analyst’s. We do not rely upon third party solutions but instead model, analyse, evaluate, rate and construct portfolios based on our own quantitative and qualitative control standards.

At Atchison Consultants we are adept at formulating and executing investment strategies in the most efficient manner. Our solutions are tailored to suit the needs of our clients to meet their objectives. Atchison Consultants has the ability to assess and recommend the most appropriate investment strategies and managers, and provide advice across a spectrum of broad investment related issues supported by our in depth market analysis and research.

Atchison Consultants performs specialist investment research and ratings across managed funds, investment mandates and separately managed accounts (SMAs) for the following asset classes:

  • Australian equities
  • Australian listed property
  • Australian direct property
  • Mortgage funds
  • Fixed income
    • Australian fixed interest
    • Debentures
    • Cash
    • Diversified portfolios

We undertake reviews of the investment strategy from the perspective of Australian institutional and retail investors.

We have extensive experience in researching and rating investment managers and their portfolios having worked with both emerging and established investment managers.

Review and rating

We commence the review with the response to the FSC questionnaire. The areas that will be covered through interview and documentation review are:

  • Organisation
    • Organisation structure
    • Funds under management
    • Investment management as a core business
    • Conflicts of interest
    • Business strategy
  • Staffing and Resources
    • Management structure
    • Staff structure
    • Staff experience and expertise
    • Staff resourcing
    • Client servicing and reporting
  • Compliance and risk management
    • Monitoring and reporting of investment, administrative and operational risk
    • Compliance procedures
    • Management of conflicts of interest
    • Liquidity
    • Exit term
    • Fee structure and alignment
  • Investment philosophy and process
    • Clear and well structured investment process
    • Logical and proven
  • Investment strategy
    • Competitive advantage
  • Performance history

An assessment of management capability will be provided. The review will consist of a detailed assessment of the investment strategy, taking into account the range of factors in a comprehensive manager rating.

We will use our proprietary ratings system which addresses the primary elements of the FSC questionnaire. This manager rating framework will assist in forming a view of the capabilities of this segment of the investment management business. As part of the process, interviews with key investment management staff would be undertaken.

An initial assessment of capabilities will be undertaken and feedback provided.  Subsequently where areas of prospective enhancement are identified, discussions will be undertaken with the manager.  Following this a fund rating will be provided.  It is through this interaction that an enhanced rating outcome may be achieved.

The rating process assigns investment products under the categories of Highly Recommended, Recommended, Investment Grade and Non-investment Grade. These ratings reflect Atchison Consultants degree of conviction in the financial products’ ability to generate risk adjusted returns in line with relevant objectives.

Rating Definitions:

Highly Recommended – The manager and its product have excelled across all of our assessment criteria. We expect the manager’s product to perform well ahead of a reasonably appropriate risk and return objective for the product over a full investment cycle.

Recommended – The manager’s product has consistently outperformed the median manager across our assessment criteria. We expect the manager to perform ahead of a reasonably appropriate risk and return objective for the product over a full investment cycle.

Investment Grade – The manager satisfies most, if not all, of our rating criteria. We are satisfied in its ability to perform at a reasonably appropriate risk and return objective over a full investment cycle. This rating can apply to new or recently established managers who demonstrate they have in place the experience, resources and systems which we expect will result in performance at or above the reasonably appropriate investment objective for the product over a full investment cycle. Similarly it can apply to a new product from a new or established manager.

Not Investment Grade The manager rates poorly in all or most of our ratings criteria.