Global Property Forum 2013

On Wednesday, 11th September 2013ATCHISON CONSULTANTS – in affiliation with Franklin Templeton Investments and The Trust Company – hosted the 7th Annual Global Property Forum at the Park Hyatt, Melbourne.

Ken Atchison opened and chaired the forum, which included presentations and discussion topics on:

  • Countries that offer most attractive value in real estate;
  • Identifying the lead of listed property over unlisted property in terms of investment returns;
  • Recent direct property and infrastructure investment activity in Australia from both international and domestic investors;
  • Rising global interest rates and the initial limited impact on listed property returns;
  • Expanding listed property regimes;
  • Significant and growing income from infrastructure assets.

The forum was attended by a variety of industry professionals. Presentations were delivered by Wilson Magee (Director of Global REITs, Portfolio Manager, Franklin Templeton Real Asset Advisors – New York), Kim Wright (Managing Director, Global Real Estate Strategist & Head of Asian Real Estate, UBS), Binesh Seetanah (Analyst, Atchison Consultants), Andrew Cannane (General Manager, Corporate Clients, The Trust Company) and Jack Foster (Head of Real Assets, Franklin Templeton Real Asset Advisors – New York).

Presentations can be accessed through the link below;

Global Property Forum Presentations 2013

Investing in Global Listed Infrastructure

Global/Asian Real Estate

Global Private Property Markets Overview and Opportunities

Global Listed Property Leads Global Direct Property

7th Annual Global Property Forum 2013