About Us

Founded in Melbourne in 2001 by Ken Atchison, Atchison Consultants has assisted many Australian and overseas clients achieve their short and long term goals through a well defined proactive approach, philosophy and passion towards investment consulting and related markets.

Our depth of knowledge across financial markets permits us to tackle and solve complex investment, organisational and governance issues through rigorous research, analysis and diligence. This enables us, on behalf of our clients, to identify the real issues to efficiently reach practical solutions and recommendations.

We have earned the respect of those that work with us through a commitment to providing superior tailored solutions across the financial services industry including the areas of asset and investment consulting, research and portfolio construction advice.

Provide tailored research, analysis and advice to:

  • Financial institutions
  • Professional trustees
  • Superannuation/pension funds
  • Insurance companies
  • Fund managers
  • Financial intermediaries
  • Public sector, non-for-profit organisations and
  • Charities

Our mission is to assist our clients in maximising their performance, improving efficiency and creating sustainable growth through return on investment, strategic advice and improved governance.

Atchison Consultants approach to every project follows a holistic path. Consideration is given to a client’s business as a whole, taking into consideration relevant stakeholders and therefore providing advice, practical solutions and recommendations that meet all stakeholder requirements.

We believe that financial markets are intrinsically inefficient which can lead to opportunities for investors to outperform the market over the medium to long term. Through our extensive expert support and research capabilities on all aspects of domestic and international markets, we enable clients to take advantage of these market inefficiencies.

We understand that innovation is crucial to achieving success in any industry. At Atchison Consultants we are continually reviewing, researching and modelling new initiatives to recognise real opportunities for our clients to develop and add value to their business.