Financial Services Guide

Financial Services Guide

TAG Asset Consulting Group Pty Ltd trading as Atchison Consultants.
This financial service guide is dated 1 October 2021.

About Us

TAG Asset Consulting Group Pty Ltd (ABN 58 097 703 047; Australian Financial Services Licence no 230846), trading as Atchison Consultants, has been engaged to provide a Report(s) in the form of a research report. You have not engaged Atchison Consultants directly but have been provided with a copy of the Report(s) as a retail client because of Atchison Consultants’ connection to the matters set out in the Report(s).

This Financial Services Guide

This Financial Services Guide (“FSG”) is designed to assist retail clients in their use of any general financial product advice contained in the Report(s). This FSG contains information about Atchison Consultants generally, the financial services Atchison Consultants is licensed to provide, the remuneration Atchison Consultants may receive in connection with the preparation of the Report(s), and how complaints against Atchison Consultants will be dealt with.

Financial Services we are licensed to provide

Atchison Consultants’ Australian financial services licence allows provision of a broad range of services, including providing financial product advice in relation to various financial products such as securities, interests in managed investment schemes, derivatives, superannuation products, foreign exchange contracts, managed investment schemes, government debentures, stocks or bonds, and deposit products.

General Financial Product Advice

The Report(s) contains only general financial product advice. The Report(s) were prepared without taking into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider your own objectives, financial situation and needs when assessing the suitability of the Report(s) to your situation. You may wish to obtain personal financial product advice from the holder of an Australian Financial Services Licence to assist you in this assessment.

Fees, Commissions and other Benefits we may receive

Atchison Consultants charges fees to produce reports, including research reports. These fees are negotiated and agreed with the entity who engages Atchison Consultants to provide reports. Fees are charged on an hourly basis or as a fixed amount depending on the terms of the agreement with the person who engages Atchison Consultants. In the preparation of the Report(s), fees have been determined by a fixed amount agreed in advance of the report preparation.

Associations with Issuers of Financial Products

Atchison Consultants and its authorised representatives, employees and associates may from time to time have relationships with the issuers of financial products. For example, Atchison Consultants may provide financial services to the issuer of one financial product and provide financial services to the issuer in respect of another financial product in the ordinary course of its business.


If you have a complaint, please raise it with Atchison Consultants first, using the contact details listed below. Atchison Consultants will endeavour to satisfactorily resolve your complaint in a timely manner. In addition, a copy of our internal complaints handling procedure is available upon request. If we are not able to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction within 45 days of your written notification, you are entitled to have your matter referred to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (“AFCA”), an external complaints resolution service. You will not be charged for using the AFCA service.

Contact Details

Atchison Consultants can be contacted by sending a letter to:

Atchison Consultants, Level 4, 125 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000

TAG Asset Consulting Group Pty Ltd

ACN: 097 703 047
AFSL: 230846