How 2020 has shaped the outlook for 2021

Atchison Consultant and Heuristic Investment Systems Webinar

Date: Monday, 14 December 2020
Time: 2:00 pm – 2:45 pm

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Every year throws up some challenges to portfolios and returns. Most of these are short term factors which subsequently fade against the background of the prevailing macro and policy environment. Some events, however, challenge not only the shorter-term view but also the longer-term SAA outlook.

2020 was clearly one of these.

In this webinar we cast our eye over the events of 2020 and how these, and the subsequent policy responses, have impacted not only our investment outlook for 2021 but also the long term capital markets assumptions that impact Strategic Asset Allocation.

A massive fiscal response, extremely easy monetary policy, positive vaccine news and more inflation tolerant central banks must be set against some things that have not changed….low bond yields, low growth and plenty of savings looking for a home.

Jake Jodlowski from Atchison Consultants will moderate the webinar. Damien Hennessy of Heuristic Investment Systems and Kevin Toohey of Atchison Consultants will present the outcomes of research.

Key discussion points:

  • Events of 2020 and how they shape 2021
  • Noise, Risks & Themes for 2021
  • Impact on SAA and portfolio objectives

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