The year 2020 will go down in history as one of the most unprecedented and challenging years of modern times. From the Australian bushfires to COVID-19, Black Lives Matter and the US election, it has been a tumultuous year of change. However, 2020 did finally turn out far better for diversified investors than had been feared when the pandemic hit triggering plunging share markets and deep recessions.

US indices continued to hit record highs as the virus ripped through the country boosted by Thanksgiving get togethers however President Trump’s signature on a massive stimulus bill was enough to stoke markets.

Europe and the UK finally agreed terms for the post-Brexit trade deal. The jury is still out on its content but the cliff-edge no deal scenario was averted just before Christmas.

A drifted dollar and an optimistic outlook also saw emerging market assets cap a good year with some healthy gains. Central banks continued to shower markets with stimulus gifts over the festive period, which provided further confidence to investors looking at riskier assets.