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Feature Publications

Publication Document Title Date
AFR A-REITs set to deliver for yield-hungry investors 4 January, 2020
YieldReport Bank credit and house prices 4 December, 2019
Atchison Consultants AAM Diversified Agriculture Fund 22 November, 2019
YieldReport What happened to the tax cuts? 1 October, 2019
YieldReport When do government bonds outperform credit? 17 September, 2019
YieldReport APRA’s Credit Squeeze 2 September, 2019
BusinessWorld Local property mart ready for REITS 19 June, 2019
AFR If you want to be in retail, buy logistics not malls 22 May, 2019
YieldReport The Hawke Government and the Australian Dollar 17 May, 2019
YieldReport Reining-in debt without using policy rates 29 March, 2019
YieldReport How the Royal Commission impacts the superannuation industry 20 March, 2019
YieldReport Fallout from the US-China trade war 21 January, 2019
The Australian Institutional investors turn to US multifamily, retail, logistics assets 3 December, 2018
Financial Standards Aussie Equities: A new value proposition 29 November, 2018
AFR Global REITs looking cheap, but not in Australia 20 November, 2018
YieldReport Royal Commission interim report in a nutshell 19 November, 2018
YieldReport How far will house prices continue to fall? 5 November, 2018
YieldReport What does a flattening yield curve mean in the current environment? 18 October, 2018
YieldReport Duration Management 3 September, 2018
YieldReport Australian Property – An Inflation Hedge 25 June, 2018
YieldReport Competition within Australian Superannuation 12 June, 2018
Atchison Consultants BBSW Starts New Rate Setting Regime 22 May, 2018
Atchison Consultants Emerging Market Fixed Interest 27 April, 2018
YieldReport Crytocurrency Dividends 28 February, 2018
YieldReport Enhanced Cash Fund 8 January, 2018
YieldReport The Outlook For Direct Property Yields 4 December, 2017
YieldReport Constant Maturity Indices 28 November, 2017
YieldReport AREITs Earnings Yield Update – October 2017 15 November, 2017
YieldReport Cryptocurrency. What is its return? 30 October, 2017
YieldReport International equity yields 23 October, 2017
YieldReport A discussion of hybrid securities 16 October, 2017
Atchison Consultants Portfolio Management Services – Residential Property Portfolio 30 September, 2017
YieldReport Changes to how BBSW is calculated 24 July, 2017
Yield Report Infrastructure – an alternative source of income 29 June, 2017
Industry Super Australia Driving Super Fund Investment in Agriculture 13 June, 2017
Atchison Consultants Property Investment Performance Report Key Findings 27 May, 2017
YieldReport Direct Property Yield Outlook 8 May, 2017
Property Observer Infrastructure investment key to stable returns 30 June, 2015
Atchison Consultants Individuals in the Australian superannuation industry 15 May, 2015
Property Observer Subdued capital growth expected in residential markets 29 April, 2015
Atchison Consultants Investment Report Direct Property – Key Findings 17 April, 2015
Property Observer AREITs – Attractive Yield Margins 3 March, 2015
Atchison Consultants Self-managed Superannuation Funds 25 February, 2015
Yield Report Financial System Inquiry 8 December, 2014
Property Observer Property Performance the Risk Spectrum 12 November, 2014
Property Observer Performance of Investment in Industrial Property 10 September, 2014
Financial System Inquiry Infrastructure Equity 26 August, 2014
Property Observer Residential Property Values 4 July, 2014
Kai Long KaiLong Senior Management Presented in APREA Research Presentation 30 June, 2014
Property Observer Gearing in Australian Listed Property 4 June, 2014
APREA Impact of REITs on Asian Economies 30 April, 2014
Property Observer Significant Investor Visa – a new source of capital? 4 March, 2014
Financial System Inquiry Private Capital Markets: Cost of Capital 28 February, 2014
Property Observer SCA Property Group Buy-back 18 February, 2014
Property Observer Liquidity in Property Investments – Direct vs Listed 14 February, 2014
Property Observer Residential and Commercial Property Return Characteristics 23 January, 2014

Media Exposure

Publication Document Title Date
YieldReport APRA’s Credit Squeeze 2 September, 2019
BusinessWorld Local property mart ready for REITS 19 June, 2019
Australia Property Journal Agri property investment returns 1 June, 2018
The Australian ISPT to invest through IFM joint venture 1 June, 2018
Australian Property Journal Direct property outperforms AREITs 23 May, 2018
Investment Magazine Slower property growth puts premium on quality tenants 22 January, 2018
Your Investment Property Yields From Property Investment Begin To Tighten 18 December, 2017
IPE Real Estate Survey signals slowdown in returns for property investment in Australia 11 December, 2017
AFR Investors brace for lower property returns, fundie bonuses under threat 29 November, 2017
Your Investment Property Chinese investors are avoiding commercial property 13 November, 2017
AFR Chinese investment in Australian commercial property plummets 70 per cent 3 November, 2017
The Australian ‘Flight to quality’ to sideline suburban malls 3 November, 2017
AFR JPMorgan pours cold water on Australian multi-family sector 2 November, 2017
Australian Property Journal Office offers superior returns 12 June, 2017
Cufflinks Is the Illiquidity Premium Outdated 2 June, 2017
InvestorDaily Property still pumped with cash 21 May, 2017
AFR Real estate funds management new battle ground for 2017 24 April, 2017
AFR Your guide to shares in 2017 property 4 January, 2017
Financial Standard Foreign instos keen on Aussie real estate 9 November, 2016
IPE Real Estate Infrastructure Investor Case Study 28 October, 2016
INTHEBLACK 5 asset classes – and the subclass that tops them all 27 October, 2016
AFR Real Estate Investment Trusts Lift Payout 31 August, 2016
IPE Real Estate Australia – Super-cautious funds 25 August, 2016
AFR Commercial property smashes housing as investment class 19 June, 2016
AFR BlackRock seeks property funds management platform in Australia 25 May, 2016
AFR Low rates and stimulatory budget to drive up demand for commercial property 6 May, 2016
AFR Budget 2016 Super changes and RBA rate cut to drive property 4 May, 2016
AFR AREITs shine (but choose carefully) 22 April, 2016
AFR Your guide to shares in 2016: healthcare, property and banks 8 January, 2016
Money Management Combine robo-advice into marketing 5 January, 2016
NAB NAB News 4 December, 2015
AFR Melbourne trumps Sydney on long-term property returns 3 December, 2015
Business Spectator The infrastructure boom gets underway 24 November, 2015
AFR European property a missed opportunity 10 November, 2015
AFR Norway, US and Japan lead next wave of offshore funds heading towards Australia 10 November, 2015
IPE Real Estate Investor Universe: Australia – Super-cautious funds 5 October, 2015
AFR Farmland performs similarly to commercial property, study finds 4 October, 2015
AFR Excessive fees, pricing and the market kills Aventus IPO 10 September, 2015
AFR Global property demand keeps A-REITS attractive to investors 28 August, 2015
AFR Australian shares outperform other assets for SMSF investors 16 July, 2015
AFR How to make super savings last your whole retirement 11 July, 2015
The Australian AustralianSuper wraps up $4bn international spree 30 April, 2015
SNL Australian REITs outperforming Asia-Pacific REIT sector 23 April, 2015
AFR Is it time to hedge global ETF exposure? 16 March, 2015
The Australian City Pacific investors push for public inquiry 19 January, 2015
AFR Three exchange traded funds that could change your life 14 January, 2015
AFR New funds dominate unlisted real estate space 14 January, 2015
AFR Yield underpins good times 2 January, 2015
The Land Global Appetite for Agribusiness 3 November, 2014
China Business Network India, REITs hurricane 27 October, 2014
AFR Agribusiness beeping louder on global investors’ radar 20 October, 2014
IPE China closer to REIT debut 8 October, 2014
Nikkei Asian Review REITs expand reach in Asia 25 September, 2014
AFR Investors look to diversify beyond cash 20 August, 2014
The Edge Property City & Country: Guidelines to improve REIT management 23 May, 2014
Your Investment Property Are serviced apartments really too risky for your portfolio 15 May, 2014
The Philippine Star Spotlight on RP at reg’l real estate confab 15 May, 2014
IPE Fund managers to increase Asian REIT investments 22 April, 2014
AFR Offshore appetite for Australian real estate falling: CBRE 19 March, 2014
NabTrade Unlisted vs Listed Property 11 March, 2014
Straits Times REITs ‘unlock capital, create jobs’ in Asia 5 March, 2014
Business Times REITs attract capital, create high-value jobs: study 5 March, 2014
Property Observer What the cash rate means for capital home loans 3 March, 2014
AFR HIP and Prime Super move to consolidate 29 January, 2014
AFR GPT quits CPA race, flags share buyback 15 January, 2014
Stock & Land Superfunds shun ag 9 January, 2014
AFR New A-REITs lose their IPO sparkle 9 January, 2014