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YieldReport AREITs earnings yield update 23 June, 2020
YieldReport Bank credit poised for material growth 8 June, 2020
YieldReport Council of Financial Regulators supports bank credit growth 22 May, 2020
YieldReport AREITs earnings yield update April 2020 21 May, 2020
AFR Crown propery could be worth $5.6B 30 April, 2020
YieldReport Banks, APRA’ credit constraints and the coronavirus 8 April, 2020
Atchison Consultants Atchison Consultants Response to COVID-19 24 March, 2020
Finance Asia The Philippine REIT experiment will start with Ayala Land, but changes lay ahead 26 February, 2020
YieldReport Why fix the cash rate? 24 February, 2020
i3 Insights The Elusive Global Property Illiquidity Premium 20 February, 2020
Financial Review Fund managers’ benchmark for performance fees ‘should be lowered’ 14 February, 2020
YieldReport Rising asset prices in the face of credit constraints 3 February, 2020
PFA - Property Funds Association Understanding liquidity in unlisted property funds 24 January, 2020
YieldReport The rise of the neo-bank 13 January, 2020
AFR A-REITs set to deliver for yield-hungry investors 4 January, 2020
YieldReport Bank credit and house prices 4 December, 2019
Atchison Consultants AAM Diversified Agriculture Fund 22 November, 2019
YieldReport RBA pushing on APRA credit constraint 14 October, 2019
YieldReport What happened to the tax cuts? 1 October, 2019
YieldReport When do government bonds outperform credit? 17 September, 2019
YieldReport APRA’s Credit Squeeze 2 September, 2019
BusinessWorld Local property mart ready for REITS 19 June, 2019
AFR If you want to be in retail, buy logistics not malls 22 May, 2019
YieldReport The Hawke Government and the Australian Dollar 17 May, 2019
YieldReport Reining-in debt without using policy rates 29 March, 2019
YieldReport How the Royal Commission impacts the superannuation industry 20 March, 2019
YieldReport Fallout from the US-China trade war 21 January, 2019
The Australian Institutional investors turn to US multifamily, retail, logistics assets 3 December, 2018
Financial Standards Aussie Equities: A new value proposition 29 November, 2018
AFR Global REITs looking cheap, but not in Australia 20 November, 2018
YieldReport Royal Commission interim report in a nutshell 19 November, 2018
YieldReport How far will house prices continue to fall? 5 November, 2018
YieldReport What does a flattening yield curve mean in the current environment? 18 October, 2018
YieldReport Duration Management 3 September, 2018
YieldReport Australian Property – An Inflation Hedge 25 June, 2018
YieldReport Competition within Australian Superannuation 12 June, 2018
Australia Property Journal Agri property investment returns 1 June, 2018
The Australian ISPT to invest through IFM joint venture 1 June, 2018
Australian Property Journal Direct property outperforms AREITs 23 May, 2018
Atchison Consultants BBSW Starts New Rate Setting Regime 22 May, 2018
Atchison Consultants Emerging Market Fixed Interest 27 April, 2018
YieldReport Crytocurrency Dividends 28 February, 2018
Investment Magazine Slower property growth puts premium on quality tenants 22 January, 2018
YieldReport Enhanced Cash Fund 8 January, 2018

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